What Is Open Convergence?

Open convergence is an IT and data architecture that renders hyper converged infrastructure obsolete.

Open convergence combines compute with fast, scalable primary storage, invisible backup, fail-proof disaster recovery, and end-to-end data security.

Open Hyper Converged Infrastructure Datrium Solutions
Clouds with Ladder Photo Datrium Solutions

Two Tiers Converged in One Pane of Glass

Performance tier delivers 5-10x improvement*

  • Business application and its active data converged
  • All active data in flash on the server with the application
  • VM processing and IO processing converged
  • Performance scales lineraly with incremental hosts

Protection tier lowers cost over 50%

  • Simple management at VM/container granularity
  • Always on data efficiency, erasure coding, and encryption
  • Resilient storage tolerates dual drive failure
  • Built in backup with instant restore

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