We’ve created complete, ready-to-use servers built on the Datrium DVX solution to optimize your IT investment

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Equus + Datrium announce groundbreaking partnership

Equus + Datrium provides the best software-defined data solutions for multi-cloud management.

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Our radically simple data management and disaster recovery solution converges 5+ data silos, so your data can move freely across clouds. Even better? Choosing an Equus + Datrium solution means a huge drop in your total cost of ownership and a pays-for-itself timeline measured in months, not years.

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Equus is the only purpose-built, custom-configured and engineered Datrium compute solution on the market. Our engineers have spent hundreds of hours creating the best infrastructure for optimal Datrium performance. With a customer-designed compute node, you’ll get a solution that meets your performance, power, and compute needs—without costly and unnecessary add-ons.

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Datrium software simplifies enterprise data management, backup, disaster recovery, encryption, and mobility. Plus, Datrium’s software-defined infrastructure manages the entire data life-cycle across multiple clouds. The result? Your data is there when you need it—and in low-cost storage when you don't.

Thriving businesses demand integrated and cost-efficient IT

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The Equus + Datrium solution cuts out the tangle of applications and processes required by multiple data management and disaster recovery solutions. While we're at it, we'll reduce your operating costs, too. This cost-effective, high-performance compute node, combined with the reduction in OpEx/CapEx spend on resources and support, make Equus + Datrium the best choice for any business looking to break out of vendor lock-in.

What's included in the Equus + Datrium Solution?

Equus will build Datrium DVX-ready servers to your specifications, all protected by our service warranty. Want to keep your current hardware? We’ll make sure that your Datrium solution integrates seamlessly into your IT structure.

High Speed Storage Datrium Solutions

Equus Compute Nodes

Flash Performance Tier

Compute Node servers keep active data in Flash for maximum speed. Performance scales linearly as you add servers.

  • Customized Intel server
  • Business application and its active data converged
  • Active data in Flash on server
  • Lowest latency for mixed workloads
  • VM and IO processing converged
  • Stateless for Tier 1 resilience, no noisy neighbor traffic
  • Multi-hypervisor support
  • Scale up to 128 Compute Nodes
  • Up to 32TB flash

Datrium Data Nodes

Scale-Out Durability Tier

Datrium Data Nodes provide always-on efficiency with DVX software dedupe, compression, erasure coding, and continuous integrity checks.

  • Always-on data efficiency (global dedupe, compression, erasure coding)
  • Simple, transparent data replication
  • Built in backup with instant restore
  • Integrated and fast disaster recovery
  • Fully redundant and able to withstand double disk failure
  • Managed through same UI as performance tier
  • Simple management at VM-container level granularity
  • Scale up to 10 nodes 1.7PB of usable storage
Datrium Data Nodes Datrium Solutions
Datrium DVX Software Datrium Solutions

DVX Software

Resilient Infrastructure

DVX Software enables simple cloud data management and scaling for local, remote, and cloud backup.

  • DVX on-prem, Cloud DVX
  • Makes data portable across clouds, eliminating cloud silos
  • Single UI for primary, backup and cloud
  • Plugs into VMware vCenter
  • Installs as VIB in ESX
  • Licensed per ESX host regardless of number of cores/VM's
  • Licenses can be transferred
  • Included with license: Fast Mode, Insane Mode, Deduplication, Compression, Erasure Coding, Snapshots, Clones, Replication, Encryption and Backup.


Disaster Recovery Orchestration

The ControlShift application provides orchestration for on-demand and automatic portability across clouds, so you only pay for cloud storage and compute when you need them.

  • Single UI for primary, backup, and cloud
  • Create, test, and execute custom disaster recovery plans
  • Automatic and ongoing compliance checks
  • Delivers instant application deployment, response, and recovery
  • Seamless fail-over to VMware Cloud
Control Shift DVX Datrium Solutions

Automatrix ™ Management Platform

Automated Management

Automatrix ™ platform featuring ControlShift and DVX-defined infrastructure automates and standardizes routine tasks in data lifecycle management across multiple clouds.

AutoMatrix Datrium Solutions

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