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Save Time and Money

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When surveyed on their top infrastructure headaches, IT professionals named high costs, unsecure data, under-performing applications, and too many silos requiring too much of their energy. Datrium eliminates these problems, so your IT professionals can apply their time and talent to strategic initiatives.

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In a 2018 study, International Data Corporation (IDC) concluded that Datrium DVX yields a 617% return on investment (ROI) over three years, including a 54% reduction in cost of operations and a 47% increase in IT staff efficiency. IDC calculates that Datrium’s yearly net benefit to organizations averages $85,594 per 100 users each year.

Data Recovery, Reinvented

With Cloud-Like Orchestration

Datrium provides integrated backup and cloud disaster recovery automation with its storage and compute functions.

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Traditional Data Recovery is a tangle of multiple vendors, interfaces, and data copies – a recipe for slow, painful rehydration.

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Datrium with ControlShift for Data Recovery can spin up VMC resources on demand to deliver a new class of data recovery.

Automated, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Cloud DVX is a cloud-native solution that enables hybrid cloud, providing seamless data archiving from on-site Datrium DVX to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Datrium keeps AWS storage costs low by using universal deduplication and incremental forever replication.

Datrium provides native asynchronous replication to a second site or data center. Replications are fully deduplicated and can be site-to-site across multiple sources and destinations.

Cloud DVX also provides a single, integrated user interface for multi-site management and native data recovery.

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How does ControlShift work? Watch video.

Datrium Proves Its Worth

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